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The U.S. army base in Georgia 30 mw photovoltaic power station

Date:2016-06-08    Hits:3532

Big energy companies in the United States of Georgia Power (Power) on June 1, announced that in the United States in the western suburb of Columbus Georgia Fort Benning (Fort Benning) 30 mw photovoltaic Power station of the construction of the army base started running.

Power station is the company is with the army and Navy (Department of the Navy) cooperation within the state building photovoltaic power station five bases of the first project.
Other: around the admiralty at Albany Marine corps Logistics Base (MarinCorps Logistics Base Albany) and perkins Bay Naval Submarine Base (Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay), as well as the army goldenberg Base (Fort Gordon) and Stewart Fort, Fort Stewart).Millions of photovoltaic power station of each base is under construction are expected to grid and operation within 1 year in the future.
Fort benning millions of photovoltaic power station in the area of more than 200 acres (about 810000 m < sup > 2 < / sup >) on the land of laid about 130000 130000 solar panels.
The company responsible for millions of photovoltaic power station construction, maintain and operate, the power supply to the state of power system network.Allegedly electricity costs and other power system interconnection of average power cost for the same level or lower.Total investment of $75 million and is expected to achieve energy and security related to provide support for the army.
The increase in land, sea and air force base in promoting renewable energy imports.Aim is to cut increasing defense budget, in order to effectively use of idle assets, cut fuel costs and implement public relations propaganda, millions of photovoltaic power station construction in the base case, etc. More and more.
In addition, through the use of troops to promote renewable energy development, can be in the talent needed to cultivate renewable energy at the same time, ensure that veterans jobs again, have the effect of "kill two birds with one stone".

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