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Mississippi's largest solar power plants begin to break ground

Date:2016-06-03    Hits:3195

Recently, Mississippi power companies and developers Origis 52 mw photovoltaic Energy jointly held a opening ceremony of the project.This project is located in ramah county, near the south of hattiesburg.This plant will use 215000 pieces of polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic components, covers an area of about 2.4 square kilometers.Origis Energy in the first quarter of next year to complete the project, and the power, from the project will be a 25 years power purchase agreement (PPA) sold to Mississippi power company.

This PPA in November last year won the state regulatory approval, is part of the agreement the two sides of 105 mw PPA, another part is in hattiesburg a 50 mw photovoltaic power generation project, the project developers have SiliconRanch has started in late April.Mississippi power company will buy the power, as well as generated by the project of renewable energy credit (RECs), and points out that it has the right to choose to use the REC "to provide clients with solar power, or sold to a third party for the interests of customers".

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