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Indian city of Mysore using solar projects dealing with power shortages

Date:2016-04-13    Hits:3735

As there is an increasing demand for electricity and the reduced availability of non-renewable energy, the Indian city of Mysore residents began to accept large solar projects.Although Mysore cities service has taken a lot of measures to delay the implementation of these projects, private institutions are in their place to install solar energy device.

The solar city project is a new energy and renewable energy development committee in 2012 and through the proposal, expected to the end of the 2015 project, however, for some reason is not really put into construction.MCC parliamentary opposition leader, said the MCC announced failure in execution of construction scheme.
In MCC dragged on the implementation of the scheme, many private institutions have been installed on the roof solar power device, and will produce the electric power company from cesg sold to India, and obtain profits.
Recently, India's general hospital follow suit also installed on the roof of 25 kilowatts of solar mounting  systems.Maharaja education institutions also installed the device, becoming the first installed in the Indian city of Mysore solar power systems of education institutions.Agency officials said, because from from cesg received power is insufficient, independent decided to install solar power device, to meet their demand for electricity.
Mayor, also said he has asked the MCC head to collect all details about MCC and the government about solar city project, after a careful investigation before deciding how to continue to be implemented.

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