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The U.S. navy's solar unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) are available from take-off and landing from the water

Date:2016-04-11    Hits:4044

Dr Kevin Jones from the United States naval postgraduate school and his team developed a called Aqua - Quad unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the four axis aircraft, unlike most of the four shaft aircraft, it can be any water from the ocean or take off or land without solid ground.

According to new scientist reports, Aqua - Quad unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) landing on the water after complete the task, and can stay in the water or underwater, until the next mission.Aqua - Quad to replace sonobuoy, to search for submarines, especially those lurking in the national enemy submarines in the depths of the ocean.Aqua -- known as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is even better than currently used consumptive sonar pulse ranging system is better, because the Aqua - Quad is bound to battery life: unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the rotor has covered solar cells, as long as the absorption of sunlight for a while in the sun can produce electricity, so it can be in the larger area within the scope of searching for dive boat.As a substitute for sonobuoy, it can stay on the surface of the 23 hours, can fly one hour every day.Aqua - Quad has accurate navigation system, and have waterproof casing, so it can withstand harsh Marine environment.
The unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is not the only one can from a water landing of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), researchers at the Johns Hopkins university applied physics laboratory created a similar craft CRACUNS, it can be a few hundred feet underwater for a few months, until the operator instructions are given.

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