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Britain built the largest water solar mounting system

Date:2016-03-30    Hits:3589

According to the British "daily mail" reported on March 25, at present, the UK has built a solar mounting system, the site is located in the Thames Walton's queen Elizabeth ii reservoirs.This is the world's largest floating power station.

The solar power station has 23046 solar panels with a total area of 57500 square meters.Funded by Lightsource solar energy company and manage operations.

The power station solar panels covering the reservoir area of one over ten, the total cost 6 million pounds (about 55.64 million yuan), maximum output power of 6.3 mw, can provide enough electricity for 1800 homes, and will not impact on the environment.The power station will be used to supply around the Thames water treatment plants.
Compared with land place for solar power, water power station has distinct advantage.Construction does not need to develop water power station license, do not take up the water construction of agricultural resources, the water can also be effective cooling equipment.

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