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The United States air force base, the largest 20 mw photovoltaic power station in California

Date:2016-03-12    Hits:3774
Large American Energy operator NRG, announced on March 7, in southern California palmdale outside the United States air force aircraft manufacturing facilities "42 factory" next to the land, built the output power for 20 mw photovoltaic power station "NRG Solar Oasis", has started to sell electricity.

Millions of photovoltaic power station is about 8 km northeast in palmdale, the west side of the mojave desert, 180 acres (73 hectares) of land, laid about 90000 90000 photovoltaic panels (figure 1).In the United States air force on all the land of the construction of the photovoltaic power station in scale to the maximum.

Will generate electricity equivalent to about 3280 households of the power consumption, can be cut each year 1000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 40000, converted to the equivalent of 8600 cars.Power all sold to sign the power purchase agreement (PPA) 20 years of southern California Edison electric (SCE).SCE is for the service range of large power operators in southern California.
America's air force said, before this land has a shooting gallery and sewage treatment facilities.About land use, the first is NRG, proposed to use the land to the air force, air force in evaluating the import to promote renewable Energy and idle assets after the earnings of agree with you.
It is said that the United States air force to the cost burden of free of charge, in February 2015 with NRGEnergy enterprise NRG Solar OasisLLC signed land lease agreement.The air force is the development of the photovoltaic power generation, the implementation of the environmental measures before construction.In the summer of 2015 and is said to have created about 250 jobs during the construction.

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