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North Korea to develop solar power to install solar panels on the bus

Date:2016-03-09    Hits:5542

South Korea on March 8, the central daily quoted the Korean central news agency reported that north Korea is to develop solar energy technology, public transport, street lamp, greenhouse and so on many facilities can meet solar panels.

On March 3, the Korean central news agency reported that Kim il sung university has been successfully developed and produced a variety of solar products.High-performance products represented by solar panels is expected to be put into mass production, to realize industrialization.North Korea in 2013 formulated the "renewable energy law", the law should actively exploitation and utilization of natural resources to solve the power problem, to realize the sustainable development of economy, so as to realize the environmental protection.Korean media believes that this marks a north Korea gradually attach importance to the development and utilization of natural energy, start by natural energy to solve the problem of shortage of energy.
It is reported that north Korea recently research department is vigorously developed by solar energy, heat energy related work, on the bus, boat, street lamp facilities such as solar panels, is often seen to many north Korean engineers are trying to learn solar technology.

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