AI+ Empowerment 丨Eye-catching Grace Solar in the PV Expo of SNEC 2023

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In 24th of May, the 16th(2023) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference& Exhibition, which is the most influential, international, specialized and scaled photovoltaic fair, is held as scheduled in Shanghai. As a world-leading solar mounting structure manufacture, in the name of “AI+ Energy, Excellent Light”, the new generation solar mountings combined with digital technology launched by GraceSolar received great acclaim. A steady stream of visitors came to visit the booth.
Make Convention Speech, Seek Common Development
In the morning of May 24th, Li Ruoying, the Sales GM of Grace Solar, was invited to attend the theme forum “The Smart O&M and The technology of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System” as well as the prime forum “the 16th International Photovoltaic Advanced Technology Conference”. She delivered a keynote speech of The AI Intelligent Control System in The Application Upgrades of Solar Tracker, and discussed the future direction with leaders in PV industry.
Thundering Cheers, Blinding Items
Thanks to the start products, an energetic team, and the technical-sense booth, Grace Solar became the queen of popularity in the first day. The client visitors from all over the world, communicated with Grace Solar for the R&D ability and the project application, eventually many cooperation intentions came to terms in the fair. Props!
Star Product, Catching Eyes
1. The application upgrade of AI control in the tracker
With the continuous upgrading of AI intelligent control technology, in the PV tracking projects, GraceSolar can perfectly combine AI technology with PV power plant operation and maintenance, and remotely monitor and diagnose system operation to achieve more accurate tracking will also greatly reduce various maintenance costs, and achieve the interconnection of man-machine-things.
2. The "PV +" model has been upgraded again, and the advantages of PV carports are significant
With the rapid development of PV, the construction of PV parking lots is becoming a new standard. GraceSolar aluminum alloy PV carport has passed the most authoritative JIS certification in Japan, and is the first domestic PV mounting enterprise to pass this certification; so far, in Japan has built hundreds of PV carports including large and medium-sized PV carports such as factory parks, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, and household PV carports. GraceSolar's GS-Smart carport mounting system has an exclusive patented design, a safe and reliable structure with high cost performance, and a simple connection method at the joint, which greatly improves construction efficiency and allows our clients to save time and cost during on-site installation.
3. Specialize in roof structure, leading PV aesthetic art
GraceSolar's new GS-Energy BAPV system solution has made a new appearance. This product has ushered in sales breakthroughs in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. Industrial and commercial roofs help world-renowned companies, such as SM Mall in Singapore, global medical resource supply giant Ansell, ZIJIN New Energy, Chia Tai Group, etc. Moreover, Singapore's first high-rise flat-roof PV model factory has been successfully installed. The new GS-Energy BAPV system also incorporates the characteristics of modern architectural aesthetics, with various styles, suitable for various roof types, high durability, and can realize the coexistence of practicality and aesthetics of PV roof buildings.
We Grace Solar invite you joint the exhibition at W1-590 for discussion and communication of commercial opportunities. ‘AI+ Energy, Excellent Light” We Grace Solar adhere to customer demand-oriented and uphold the technological innovation. The reliable solutions and products we provided can be a positive force for the development of clean energy and zero-carbon future.