Extraordinary | 2023 Philippine International Solar Energy Exhibition, Grace Solar Shines in the Audience

Publish Time:2023-05-16 Sources:

The two-day Solar Energy Exhibition 2023 Philippines was held from May 15 to 16 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila. In this exhibition, the latest support products developed by Grace Solar for the Philippine market, such as GS-Smart ground mounting system - carbon steel series, GS-Energy BAPV system, have been showcased and attracted much attention, attracting many visitors to stop for consultation and understanding. With excellent product strength and good reputation in the exhibition site to achieve a number of important cooperation intention!

A number of star products of Grace Solar shine in this exhibition, covering ground, roof, industrial and commercial distribution. In fact, GS-Smart ground mounting system - carbon steel series has obvious advantages for the Philippine local wind speed and terrain environment. The independent R&D and upgrade design, strip hole design not only have good support, high stability, but also reduce the cost of power station, but also can adapt to the rolling terrain. Through adjustment, the overall support can be more beautiful. It is also one of the ideal choices for solar projects positioned by customers in the Philippines.

The product is the gateway to expand the market. According to the roof characteristics of the Philippines and combined with the actual needs of customers, the GS-Energy BAPV system was launched on the exhibition site, with high adaptability, high structural strength and high flexibility, which can realize the perfect fit between the photovoltaic system and the building.

The PV market in the Philippines has huge development potential. The current energy plan of the Philippines is to increase the electricity generation from renewable energy to 35% by 2030, from 5.3GW in 2020 to 22.2GW in 2030, which can effectively alleviate the problem of power shortage caused by the local heat all year round. Grace Solar has been deeply engaged in the Philippine PV market for many years, and has close cooperation with leading enterprises such as the local government, public utilities, power producers and commercial giant SM Group. With a large number of PV project cases and experience, Grace Solar has become one of the best-selling PV support brands in the local market.

In the future, Grace Solar will continue to deeply cultivate the PV market in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and the world, continue to innovate and develop in the field of solar mounting system, launch more reliable and efficient photovoltaic support products, promote the sustainable development of global green energy, and create a better future of zero carbon.