Race to the Top | Grace Solar Devoted to Brighten PV Rooftops in Dubai

Publish Time:2023-02-08 Sources:

At the beginning of 2023, Grace Solar will supply and complete the installation of 5 household rooftop photovoltaic projects in Dubai. Next, more than 50 rooftop photovoltaic projects will be constructed one after another. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the PV plant built by Grace Solar is bright and dazzling, and will continue to provide green power for local residents in Dubai.

rooftop photovoltaic projects

It is worth mentioning that for the roof project that has been installed, Grace Solar’s design team analyzed in detail the actual installation environment and construction requirements of the household roof. The optimized arrangement provides GS-BAPV system-flat roof bracket system. This installation method has good flexibility and strength, and at the same time, the installation is simple and fast, saving man-hours.

roof bracket system

The project was successfully connected to the grid at the initial stage, and Grace Solar's excellent delivery speed and product quality ensured the smooth completion of the project, which was highly appreciated by customers. Grace Solar’s rooftop PV bracket products have independent core patents, which can better adapt to the local high temperature and sandy natural environment in Dubai, can resist high temperature and wind and sand wear, have higher reliability and safety, and provide a stable and efficient operation for the system with trong guarantee.

rooftop PV bracket

Looking forward to 2023, under the wave of global energy transformation, the demand for overseas photovoltaic installed capacity will continue to be high. According to research and surveys, the global household distribution is ushering in an unprecedented outbreak period. According to different roof types, Grace Solar has launched Nengshe-BIPV/BAPV system solutions, covering all fields of PV mounting  products such as BIPV, hooks, clamps, adjustable feet, tripods, ballasts, etc. required for industrial and commercial roofs, to meet the needs of different customers around the world need. In the future, GREEN will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, focus on cost reduction, increase efficiency and improve quality, and create a high-quality roof photovoltaic mounting system to help the sustainable development of global green energy.