Grace Solar has been listed on it as the only supplier from China

Publish Time:2022-09-01 Sources:

“PV EYE”, as Japanese domestic exclusive magazine, announced Japanese mainstream photovoltaic carport suppliers. Grace Solar has been listed on it as the only supplier from China.

Recently, "PV EYE", the authoritative magazine of Japan's photovoltaic industry, announced the list of major suppliers of photovoltaic carports in Japan. Grace Solar is at the top of the list, who is the only one enterprise in China on the list!

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Athe first batch of solar mounting exporter, Grace Solar has a good brand foundation and profound strength in Japan. Currently, it’s the only one photovoltaic mounting enterprise in China that has obtained the Japanese JIS carport material certification. With hundreds of photovoltaic carports cases in Japan, such as large and medium-sized photovoltaic carports in factory parks, commercial areas, hospitals, schools, and household photovoltaic carports, Grace Solar has been selected into the list through brand strength, it's performance is well deserved!

In early May, "PV EYE" officially published a special article "Grace Solar is expected to ship more than 1GW to Japan in 2022". The article introduced that Grace Solar mounting system including photovoltaic carports and large photovoltaic ground mounting system, have brought great vitality to the Japanese photovoltaic market, and the new business model has increased the market share of Grace Solar photovoltaic mounting products in Japan's photovoltaic market.

According to statistics, Grace Solar exported nearly 1GW of photovoltaic support products to Japan in last year, an increase of 8% over the previous year, of which 70% were used for large ground project, 10% were used for roofs and solar carports project, and the rest were used for agricultural photovoltaic and floating. 
In recent years, Japan's large-scale solar development projects have decreased, and some enterprises have gradually withdrawn from the Japanese market. Grace Solar has taken advantage of the situation and actively responding to customer market conditions. It is expected to exceed 1GW shipment in 2022, 15% increase compare to last year.

Whether in Japan or China, solar roofs for public and domestic parking lots have begun to take shape, and as electric vehicles gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles, photovoltaic carports have gradually become a necessary choice. At present, countries around the world are striving to achieve carbon neutrality. With the advancement of technology and the popularization of the concept of green development, the future development of photovoltaic carport power generation is full of expectations. Grace Solar is striving to move forward on the "dual carbon" track of photovoltaic carports, continuing to set a benchmark for helping the new trend of green and low-carbon life and production, and contributing more new energy to global green development.