Intelligent agricultural assistance丨Grace Solar’s Solar Farming Mounting System continuously contribute to Agriculture in the New Era

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With the intensification of the global warming and the precipitation variability, the extreme weathers are increasing, which leads to the uncertainty of agricultural production and farmers' income. To this end, how will we cope with the climate threats and ensure agricultural returns? Recently, more than ten farm photovoltaic industrial parks in Miyagi, Ibaraki, Fukushima and other places in Japan are under construction, which are belongs to a large Japanese agricultural planter. 

Solar farm mounting system

According to statistics, there are currently 4.71 million hectares of agricultural land in Japan. If more than three-fifths of the farmland can be introduced into photovoltaic power generation, Japan's annual electricity consumption can be achieved. Although "photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses can not only grow crops, but also generate electricity and generate income!" is not news in Japan. But how to achieve the most efficient agricultural planting and photovoltaic power generation, and achieve the optimization of agricultural photovoltaic economy, requires professional photovoltaic farmhouse R&D and design enterprises hard power.
Recently, Grace Solar provides the Solar farm mounting system/ Agri-Photovoltaic system to the farm owner, who's a large agricultural planter have dozens farms in Japan. He owns farms in different counties such as Miyagi, Ibaraki, and Fukushima. According to the requests of the customer, through repeated demonstrations and revisions, Grace Solar has designed and provided the solar farm mounting system that are simple to install, easy to disassemble, durable in structure, and large-span for large-scale mechanical operations to meet the needs of fields and plants in different counties and districts. The projects are carried out by farm-solar combined mode , and the benefit of photovoltaic power generation is maximized on the basis of ensuring sufficient light demand for crops and healthy growth of vegetation.
After more than ten years of overseas photovoltaic market promotion, Grace Solar's Solar farm mounting system have spread to many places overseas, and hundreds of photovoltaic + agricultural cooperation projects have been constructed in Japan and many European countries. In order to meet the construction needs of various complex environments around the world, Grace Solar's R&D, design and marketing services for the PV mounting system are continuously innovating. After many iterative upgrades, photovoltaic farm sheds have made a lot of efforts in terms of stability and span. The styles include flat-top type, slope type, and the material can be all aluminum alloy structure, all carbon steel structure, or aluminum alloy and Carbon steel combination, to infinite extension and connection, at the same time by using large-sized columns, combining with truss structure, back pull rod to achieve large span stable and multiple guarantees for the highest benefit of the farmers.
At present, many countries around the world have high temperature warnings, abnormal droughts and heavy rains, so the climate issues concern everyone. In order to cope with climate change, the global "zero carbon" plan is accelerating, and the global photovoltaic industry ecological chain is developing rapidly. As a part of the plan, Photovoltaic enterprises must maintain continuous exploration of technological innovation, view and judge from a higher level to stand out. It is worth mentioning that technological innovation is the biggest driving force for the development of Grace Solar. In the future, Grace Solar will maintain its original intention and contribute innovation to the sustainable development of global energy!